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How to download movies and songs from DhiRLS

As we the Maldivians and the others visit the warez sites, blogs, some of us don’t know how to download from a blog. Because most of us Know only about torrents and rely on that.

So here I hope I could help you all.
First of all I’ll explain you how to download a video song from DhiRLS blog:
So as you can see the titles of the releases on the home.
Simply click on your wish, and scroll down until you see Download.


1st anniversary of DhiRLS

As we celebrate the 1st year anniversary of DhiRLS, i’d like to thank all the members and fans who have unwaveringly supported us from the first day of the blog. DhiRLS was initially started with the launching of our blog, twitter and FB pages. Which eventually led to the launching of our forum followed by our very own image hosting. Our latest achievement was the establishment of DhiRLS youtube channel. To celebrate this occasion, we will be changing the site theme. Hope that you guys will like it.
I’m proud to acknowledge the hard work of our members and fans.