How to download movies and songs from DhiRLS

As we the Maldivians and the others visit the warez sites, blogs, some of us don’t know how to download from a blog. Because most of us Know only about torrents and rely on that.

So here I hope I could help you all.
First of all I’ll explain you how to download a video song from DhiRLS blog:
So as you can see the titles of the releases on the home.
Simply click on your wish, and scroll down until you see Download.


How to Create aXXo, NauShal, ReDoX or NEN Quality DVD Rips

DVD movies are the best way to pass time while you are at home and have nothing else to do. There are times though when the DVD you rented at the local DVD store has to be returned within 24 hours and you want to watch the movie again and again. In such situations ripping the DVD’s is the best way to go.

If you have been a P2P torrents user for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard of aXXo. A lot of people are in love with him and his releases on the internet (including me as well). The quality of his rips are always spot on, and many people have asked me to how he creates such wonderful rips at 700mb which is insanely small.

Sometime in the past aXXo had stopped releasing new movies, and many users were angry. Well you can’t blame him, because he had his own reasons. The purpose of this Hack Attack though is to reduce your dependency on guys like aXXo.

Its as simple as going to a DVD rental store or site, getting the DVD and creating a perfect 700mb DVD rip for the rest of us to enjoy. You don’t need to depend on guys like aXXo anymore.